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Liz Hatzispiros, MA, LCMHC, RPT

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As humans, it's natural to gravitate towards wanting a positive relationship with others around you but not always knowing how to get there. In my practice, I feel strongly that the most impactful part of the counseling process is the relationship between therapist and client. It is important to me, that you can feel comfortable and willing to share, so that this process can benefit you. I know that opening up to another person whether you know them or not makes you feel vulnerable and that can be scary. Together, we will work on changing that. 

I am passionate about working with college students and young/emerging adults. I especially enjoy working with immigrants and adult children of immigrants (I am a first generation child of immigrants). I love providing support in helping form better relationships within my client's home and professional lives. Having resources and support in your day to day will help you overcome the difficult hurtles of life. I believe everyone has the capacity to grow and evolve within themselves and therapy is a path of unlocking this part of life. 

I was born and raised in the United Stated to parents of adult immigrants. My roots are American, but my culture is Greek. My personal background combined with my training in mental health helps me understand the sensitivity and uniqueness an individual’s cultural and ethnic background bring with them in life. I use my own multicultural knowledge to better understand my clients, but do not assume that my story is the same as yours. By validating that we are all different, and that assumptions are often wrong, my goal is to understand you, not what others perceive you to be.

My approach when working with my clients stems from a place of understanding, encouragement, empathic listening, and most importantly non-judgment. I am trained in many models of therapy, but often take a non-directed approach. I find that if you want advice, you can find that from a family member or friend. My job is to help support you when the time is right. Together we will add relief to your day to day and increase your skills to handle when life gets hard. 

Professional Background & Education

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